Potters Receptions Wedding Photography

Bec and Paul's gorgeous, intimate wedding at Potters Receptions in Warrandyte was a joy to be a part of. From the gorgeous autumn colours to the intimate ceremony, capturing Bec and Paul's special day was our pleasure. We're excited to share some of our Potters Reception wedding photography with you!

Wedding Photography in Autumn

Autumn is a fantastic season to tie the knot, and this wedding was no exception. Set against the backdrop of vibrant autumn foliage, the garden at Potters was genuinely exquisite. With its lush gardens and rustic charm, Potters made for the perfect venue to celebrate Bec and Paul's love.
Before the ceremony, we enjoyed taking photos of Bec and her bridesmaids inside Potters. The natural light streaming through the windows created a warm and inviting ambience, perfect for capturing those pre-ceremony jitters and excitement

Wedding Photography in the Chapel at Potters

The time finally arrived for the couple to exchange vows, and the ceremony took place in the chapel on the Potters Receptions grounds. As Bec walked down the aisle, an air of pure love and joy was palpable. The ceremony was heartfelt and genuine, with every attendee touched by the couple's deep connection.
After the ceremony, we moved outdoors to take a large group shot with the newlyweds and all their guests. While the guests enjoyed canapés and mingled, we whisked Bec, Paul, and their bridal party to the garden for an intimate Potters Receptions wedding photography session.

Wedding Photographers at Potters Receptions

In these pictures, we captured the laughter and camaraderie between the bride, groom, and their closest friends. The garden's lush greenery made for an idyllic setting.
After the garden photos, we headed back inside for a few more portrait shots. These portraits were a stunning addition to their wedding album. It was good to see our old friend Lisa-Marie in the bridal party too! You can see her wedding here!

Receptions: It's What Potters Do!

It was time for the couple to make their grand entrance into the reception hall. The room erupted in applause as they danced in, and the celebration began in earnest.
The reception featured heartfelt speeches from friends and family, evoking laughter and tears from the happy couple and their guests. It was a touching testament to the love and support surrounding Bec and Paul as they embark on this new journey together.

As Warrandyte wedding photography professionals, we were honoured to be a part of Bec and Paul's special day. Their love, combined with the beauty of Potters Receptions in autumn, made for a wedding that will be cherished for years.

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