Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography

Nestled within the heart of Victoria's stunning Mornington Peninsula, Stillwater at Crittenden Estate is a stunning and unique wedding venue. It provides the perfect backdrop for your Mornington Peninsula wedding photography. With lush vineyards, a serene lake, and elegant indoor spaces, this estate is ideal for couples who desire a romantic celebration. Its a desirable venue for wedding photographers. Our Pause The Moment team enjoyed capturing Laura and Mitchell's wedding at this charming location.

Mornington Peninsula wedding photography by Pause The Moment

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The Perfect Setting for Wedding Photography

Picturesque Vineyards and Lake: Surrounded by 35 acres of verdant vineyards and a calm lake, Stillwater at Crittenden Estate offers beautiful scenery for your Mornington Peninsula wedding photography. The lush greenery and shimmering waters create an idyllic atmosphere that perfectly captures the romance of your special day.

Elegant Indoor Spaces: The venue boasts a variety of stylish indoor spaces to accommodate your wedding celebration. From the contemporary Lakeside Pavilion to the chic Wine Centre, these elegant settings provide an intimate ambience for your ceremony and reception.

Customizable Wedding Packages: Stillwater at Crittenden Estate offers a range of wedding packages to suit your specific needs. The experienced team will work closely with you, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, to create a truly memorable event.

Award-Winning Cuisine: The talented chefs at Stillwater pride themselves on crafting exquisite menus featuring the finest local produce. Paired with Crittenden Estate's exceptional wines, your guests will surely be impressed by the culinary delights.

Stillwater at Crittenden Estate

Pause The Moment was delighted to capture Laura and Mitchell's wedding at Stillwater at Crittenden Estate. We thoroughly enjoyed this venue's enchanting surroundings and exceptional installations, making it a top choice for Mornington Peninsula wedding photography. OMG, the willow trees at sunset, though!!!!

The picturesque locations within the estate allow for a diverse range of photography opportunities, ensuring that every couple's unique vision comes to life. The warm atmosphere created by the dedicated staff at Stillwater at Crittenden Estate ensures that each wedding is truly unique.

Wedding Photography at Stillwater

If you're looking for a romantic and captivating location for your Mornington Peninsula wedding photography, Stillwater at Crittenden Estate is an exceptional choice. This venue offers the perfect setting for your special day with its vineyards, serene lake, and elegant indoor spaces. Contact them today to start planning your dream wedding at this enchanting estate. And don't forget to contact us when you need a wedding photographer who's got this venue down!

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