First Birthday Party Photography

It's always a pleasure to be a part of someone's special day, but there's something extra special about a first birthday! Xander's birthday celebration was so beautiful and unique that we couldn't resist telling you all about it! We're thrilled to share some of our favourite first birthday party photography.

Baxter Barn - A Great Party Venue

Xander's first birthday party took place at the picturesque Baxter Barn on the Mornington Peninsula. This venue is terrific and situated on 34 acres of heritage-listed property. Xander's parents, Thish and Josh, did an incredible job styling the event. They used natural arrangements like logs, pine cones, and even some tiny topiary to create an enchanting atmosphere. Plus, they displayed gorgeous photos from previous photoshoots with their family around the venue. Xander's favourite teddy bear also appeared!

What a Day, and What a Cake!

Lovely bespoke jars containing pre-mixed Pimm's kept everyone refreshed. For the little ones, there was a bouncy castle outside and a ball pit for Xander and his friends to play in. We even spotted our little friend Sarita having a blast at the party! Everyone adored Xander's cake, a stunning two-tiered creation featuring adorable icing animals and a forest theme. It made for some fantastic birthday photography, and the weather on this sunny day only added to the perfect setting for the celebration.

Melbourne Birthday Photography

The food served at the party was mouth-watering, and everyone ate to their heart's content. We had ample opportunities to capture candid moments of Xander and his friends as they enjoyed their meal and played together. After lunch, everyone gathered around the beautiful cake, surrounded by one of the most astonishing dessert spreads I've ever seen. Xander, Thish, and Josh lit the birthday candle as everyone sang Happy Birthday. Xander and his friends couldn't wait to taste the delicious cake after the candle was out!

A Few More Portraits

As our time at the party ended, we squeezed in a few more stunning portraits to commemorate this milestone in Xander's life. With hugs and well-wishes, we said our goodbyes. We left, knowing we had captured some magical first birthday party photography. Xander's birthday celebration was an unforgettable day filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments. We're honoured to have been a part of it and grateful for the opportunity to create memories through our birthday photography. Here's to many more beautiful celebrations in the future!

Are You Having a Birthday Party in Melbourne?

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