Surprise Melbourne Wedding

Adelle and Brad's wedding day was a genuine surprise to their guests. They were expecting to attend their engagement party, but Adelle and Brad had other plans. We were happy as Larry to be their surprise Melbourne wedding photographer!

Adelle and Brad chose Adina Apartment Hotel in Melbourne as their getting-ready location. The hotel offers comfortable and stylish rooms, perfect for the couple and their wedding party to get ready. The location is also convenient, as it's only a short walk from The Mint.

The Mint: A Historic Wedding Venue in Melbourne

Constructed in 1869, The Mint is a heritage-listed building. The building served as the Melbourne Mint until 1967. The building's neoclassical architecture and historic charm make it a popular choice for couples who want a unique and elegant wedding venue in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Mint constructed from 1869-72 has a rich history dating back to that time. Designed by architect JJ Clark, it served as a branch of the Royal Mint in London. The Mint produced gold coins until 1931 and silver coins until 1966. Today, the building is owned by the Victorian Government and is used for events like weddings, conferences, and exhibitions. It's even used for the odd surprise wedding!

The Wedding Ceremony: A Surprise for Everyone

Only a few key players knew that they were attending a surprise wedding. The secret was undoubtedly safe, right up until Adelle walked out in her stunning wedding dress, surprising everyone in attendance. The wedding ceremony was held in one of The Mint's grand rooms, decorated with beautiful flowers and elegant furnishings. Leah Brady did an exceptional job marrying Adelle and Brad. She created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and managed to keep it a secret from everyone in attendance!

A Quick and Candid Photo Shoot

After this surprise Melbourne wedding, the couple snuck out for photos around The Mint. The building's historic architecture provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos. We captured plenty of candid shots of Adelle and Brad as they celebrated their special day.

After the photos, or should I say during the photos, everyone was keen to head back and boogie on down - including us! Adelle and Brad's DJ - their venerable Spotify playlist - did a wonderful job of kicking the evening into the next gear. There were some memorable speeches by some family members.

Wedding at The Mint, Melbourne

Adelle and Brad's surprise wedding at The Mint was a truly unique and memorable event. The historic building provided an elegant and charming backdrop for their wedding ceremony and photoshoot. If you're looking for a unique and memorable wedding venue in Melbourne, The Mint is worth considering. Adelle and Brad's surprise wedding at The Mint was a day to remember.

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