A Croatian Wedding in Melbourne

Silvija and Zlatko tied the knot in Melbourne all the way back in 2015! Their Croatian wedding was a celebration of love, traditions, and culture. Months of planning came to fruition in a stylish and memorable event. This wedding showcased the beauty of Croatian customs. Every detail was perfect, From the early morning shots to the Catholic ceremony in the Croatian Church. You really need to see this gorgeous Croatian wedding photography.

Traditions and Culture at a Croatian Wedding

Croatian weddings are unique in their traditions and culture. The fast-paced day starts early, and the drinking begins at breakfast! One tip for Croatian wedding photographers is to get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a big breakfast. The men filled their traditional flasks with Rakija, a Croatian drink. Most ladies opted for cherry wine in their flasks. At the bride's house, there was a feast. Unlike other weddings, the boys arrived to eat and drink with the bride before the ceremony. Traditional dancing, known as Kolo, is also common at Croatian weddings, with revellers locking arms and kicking their heels up while turning in a circle.

A Beautiful Ceremony in Melbourne

Silvija and Zlatko's wedding ceremony took place at the Catholic Croatian church. Although the entire ceremony was conducted in Croatian, the love and emotion were palpable. The mass was traditional and beautifully conducted, with guests laughing and crying, creating a heartfelt atmosphere.

Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Silvija had carefully planned her wedding photography locations, understanding that the key ingredients for beautiful Croatian wedding photography were ample time and the right light. She allowed four hours between the ceremony and the reception, giving the photographer enough time to capture stunning shots in different locations and take advantage of the long afternoon light. The weather was a blessing, so we were able to showcase the love and joy of the day.

The festivities continued long into the evening, with Silvija and Zlatko surrounded by their loved ones. As their wedding photographer, the couple's special day left a lasting impression, and we were honoured to have captured their beautiful moments. Silvija and Zlatko were terrific to work with, and we wish them all the best for their future together.

Croatian Wedding Photographer

Silvija and Zlatko's Croatian wedding in Melbourne was a perfect blend of traditions, culture, and love. From the early morning shots to the heartfelt ceremony to the carefully planned photography locations, their day was a beautiful celebration of their union. As their Croatian wedding photographers we were privileged to capture their special moments and create lasting memories. If you're planning a Croatian wedding in Melbourne, consider incorporating these unique traditions and customs to make your day special.

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