Chateau Wyuna Wedding Photography

Chateau Wyuna, nestled in the serene hills of Victoria, Australia, provides a dreamy backdrop for the perfect wedding day. In 2016 we had the honour of capturing the beautiful wedding of Danielle and Glen. Their love story unfolded on this enchanting wedding day. From the heartwarming moments of preparation to the joyous celebrations, their special day was nothing short of magical. We were so glad they chose us to be their Chateau Wyuna wedding photographer.

Getting Ready for a Chateau Wyuna Wedding

Glen and his groomsmen kicked off the festivities with a relaxed afternoon of getting ready in Healesville. A quaint town known for its wineries and scenic beauty, Healesville is a popular choice for couples. The groom and his entourage exuded timeless style as they made their way to Chateau Wyuna in a vintage Mustang. This was a classic touch that set the tone for the day.

Meanwhile, Danielle and her bridesmaids were busy with their own preparations in Croydon North. The bride's excitement was palpable as she stepped into her stunning wedding gown, radiating elegance and grace. Danielle's bridal party accompanied her to the venue in a charming 1921 Dodge. This was a real nod to the rich history of the location and a unique addition to their wedding story.

Typical Melbourne Weather - The Ceremony

Despite the weather's unpredictability, the day was warm and inviting. The occasional sprinkle of rain added a touch of whimsy to the outdoor ceremony. Chateau Wyuna's lush gardens provided a breathtaking backdrop as Danielle and Glen exchanged their vows, promising eternal love and devotion to each other. Our team of expert photographers captured every heartfelt moment, from the tears of joy to the laughter shared by the couple and their loved ones.

Following the ceremony, we took advantage of the stunning grounds and captured some stunning Chateau Wyuna wedding photography. The picturesque surroundings, with their majestic trees, blooming flowers, and charming bridges, provided a magical setting for their love to shine through in every shot. The couple's genuine connection and love for each other were evident in every glance and touch. This made our job as wedding photographers an absolute delight.

A Beautiful Reception at Chateau Wyuna

As the evening unfolded, everyone moved indoors for a reception that was nothing short of exquisite. The reception was a wonderland of twinkling lights. Lush flowers and elegant decor adorned the venue. Danielle and Glen's joyous celebration was filled with heartfelt speeches, emotional first dances, and moments of pure bliss. We captured every detail, from the loving glances shared between the newlyweds to the laughter of their guests. We made sure to capture every precious moment.

Danielle and Glen's wedding day was a perfect blend of timeless elegance, natural beauty, and heartfelt emotion. We were honoured to be a part of their special day, capturing every precious moment with the utmost care and attention to detail. Chateau Wyuna provided a stunning backdrop for their love story to unfold, and we are proud to have created cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Chateau Wyuna Wedding Photographer

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