Daniela and Matthew chose the beautiful, heritage-listed buildings at Montsalvat for their wedding photography. It was a damp and rainy afternoon, but even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of this gorgeous couple. With more than one wedding photography location in mind, Daniela and Matthew made the most of their Montsalvat wedding photography. Afterwards, we travelled to Princes Pier to complete their Melbourne wedding photography journey! Michelle and I had an absolute ball shooting this fun-filled wedding, and we would love to share these highlights from the day with you.

Daniella and Matthew planned out their day perfectly. In consultation with us, they were able to fit two stunning wedding photography venues that were separated by a significant distance into their wedding day. Allowing time for your travel enables you to use as much of the light as possible to capture amazing wedding photography portraits. Melbourne is a big place, so you need to plan for travel time!


Montsalvat is an artist's paradise and retreat in Eltham in the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne. With mud-brick heritage-listed buildings and 14 acres of beautifully kept grounds, there are plenty of places for stunning wedding photography. Unfortunately, the rain kept us out of the gardens for the most part, with just a short break allowing for the group family photos. However, the beautiful chapel and stunning loft, lit by gorgeous windows and framed with beautiful mud bricks, let us capture some breathtaking, intimate portraits of the happy couple.


Daniela and Matthew’s wedding reception was held at the Wattle Park Chalet. The grounds at Wattle Park are beautiful. There are stunning well-kept gardens so that you can capture amazing wedding photography. The reception venue is beautifully lit and has a large dance floor so that you can cater to large weddings. Daniela and Matthew’s reception was full of traditional dancing, bridal games and laughter. We had the most amazing time, and thus would like to thank them for choosing us as their Montsalvat wedding photographers!

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