Alicia and Lachlan’s Werribee Mansion wedding was a fairytale from start to finish. Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of this loving couple. They planned their wedding well so that they were ready for anything. It rained on their ceremony. However, the skies cleared and allowed them to wander the beautiful gardens of this historic venue for some fantastic wedding photography. We were so happy to be their wedding photographers, and we’re proud to show you these highlights from their wedding. One of our favourite things from this wedding was the cake! Using different wheels of cheese layered and decorated, then serving them for dessert, is an excellent break from a traditional wedding cake. It looked amazing. Take it from us this “cake” went down as a treat with the guests at this wedding.


A huge takeaway from this beautiful Werribee Mansion wedding was the importance of planning. The weather is the one thing you have no control over on your wedding day. Good planning with your photographer and venue will make it easier to deal with, so you can relax and not have any surprises. Alicia and Lachlan planned their day well. They could get all the photos they wanted and throw one mighty celebration for their friends and family, even though they had to resort to their backup plan for the ceremony.

Our photo booth was a hit at their reception, and there was a loving feeling in the air. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an enthusiastic crowd when that cheese-wheel cake was served with fruits and crackers. That enthusiasm translated to the dance floor later, and the crowd had a wonderful evening. We were so fortunate to be a part of a wonderful, well-planned day that felt more like we were part of the family and less like we were at work! We want to thank these guys again for choosing us as their Werribee Mansion wedding photographers!

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